Calculating Trades
Guarantee Explanation: 

Optimum Trading  Portfolio Explained:

Our trading program guarantee as explained below, is designed to work with a minimum trading portfolio of $10,000.00, and designed for long term trading, for optimum results.  With that being said, if you are working with a trading portfolio/bankroll of less than this amount, please contact us via e-mail at:", give us your contact info and trading portfolio amount, and one of our representatives will contact you to help set up a custom trading platform to fit your specific needs... 

 The plays will be sport specific as listed daily in our calendar section and accessible to subscribers within their paid subscription time frame or sport specific subscription.  The following is an example of a play as posted:

NBA:Orlando -3 (+.25% / -.28%)

 This trade would be a TRADE RISKING .28% of your initial trading portfolio.  This trade’s goal if won, would make a NET PROFIT of +.25% of your initial trading portfolio.  We will be using lines posted on as well as the final odds from our actual Sports Trading tickets from Las Vegas, and cannot be responsible for line changes from the time we post our trades, and/or the lines each trader receives from his/her trading venue.  The trade above would be a winner if the Orlando Magic won the game by 4 points or more.  The trade above would be a loser if Orlando won by 2 points or less, or lost outright to their opponent.  If Orlando wins by exactly 3 points, this trade is a push and trades are refunded by the trading venue to the trader.


 Our MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE is $149.95 for any calendar month  or (30 days) of all trades.  If we do not make a profit for any 30 day subscription that you have paid for within our monthly subscription package, we will renew your monthly subscription until you reach a net profit as calculated in our calendar section at no additional subscription cost…

 LEGAL  DISCLAIMER:   Our trading platform is for informational purposes only… It is Each and Every Trader's responsibility to check the legality in his/her state or municipality for the legality of sports trading respectively., its members, or its affiliates shall not be held liable for trading losses or for any issues regarding legality of trading by its members or the use of the information provided.