Q. How Do I Get Started?

A. Just e-mail us the following information (Name, e-mail, address, and promotional code if applicable) at:, and we will contact you and e-mail you concerning  your free 3 day trial  (Please read and review our "HOW TO CALCULATE TRADES" page to clearly understand the trade amounts and review the restrictions on our guarantee's.

Q. How Do I Receive A Promotional Code?

A. If you recieved a promotional/marketing product from a salesperson or affiliate website, or any other advertisement, there should be a promotional code within that marketing material. If not, please advise us that you did not recieve your promotional code when you e-mail us your information at:, and we will assign one to you so that you may recieve the discounted rates and specials.

Q. How Much Money Do I Need?

A. Our sports trades and the percentages posted are for a $10,000.00 trading portfolio!! However, we can design a custom trading platform for any level of sports trader from as little $500.00 to as much as $1,000,000.00. If you are trading with less than a $10,000.00 trading portfolio, please e-mail us at "", give us your contact info, and a representative will contact you to discuss designing a custom trading platform for your specific needs...  To qualify for our guarantee's, the minimum portfolio is $10,000.00, which also produces the optimum returns.  However, you can use any size portfolio you feel comfortable with.  Please review the " HOW TO CALCULATE TRADES" page to review and understand why the optimum starting portfolio is $10,000.00, and how to calculate your trades based on the posted percentages listed in our calendar section.

Q. How Do I Receive My Trades Each Day?

A. For your 3 day free trial period, we will e-mail the trades directly to you each day.  When you pay for a subscription, you will be required to enter a username and password for access to the calendar section for the subscription you have purchased in the "MEMBERS SECTION".   The trades will be listed on the subscribers appropriate login page approximately 1 hour before the first scheduled game of the day..

 Q. How Many Trades Will I Make A Day?

A.The number of daily trades depends on the time of year, how many sports are being played during that time, as well as your specific "SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE". You can expect anywhere from 1 trade to as many as 15 trades in any one day. As we mentioned, these trades are determined by information provided by our proprietary sports trading software. We then run a set of checks and balances before posting our daily information.

Q. Is There A Way I Can Sign Up And Get Free Trades To See Proof Of Success Before Paying For The Service?

A. Yes, we are currently offering a free, no obligation 3 day trial period for new clients. Simply fill out the information on our "CONTACT US" page with your name, e-mail,  address,  and promotional code, and click SUBMIT. You can also e-mail us at, with the same information, and we will process your request for the free 3 day trial and begin sending you the trades, and give you your promotional code, if you haven't recieved one from promotional material or affiliate web sites.

Q. What Happens After The Free Introductory Period?

A. Review our "HOW TO CALCULATE TRADES" page, and determine your "SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE", based on the information given. Then, visit our "SUBSCRIBER PACKAGES" page, review and purchase the appropriate "SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE". Upon recieving your subscription fee, along with your information by contacting us at,, or from our follow up e-mail to you from your "paypal" notification including your name, e-mail address, and confrimation of your "SUBSCRIPTION" you purchased, you will be asked to produce login information in the form of a username and password. (Trades will be posted approximately 1 hour before the start of the days first game on the given day associated).